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Natanjali performs a new style of dancing kirtan: ecstatic call and response chanting to groovy electronic beats. The body moves, the heart sings, the spirit soars. Natanjali starts off with a grounding yoga warm-up, blessing the space. A slow intro chant leads into propulsive dancebeats, connecting kirtan and trance dance by getting you on your feet with ecstatic movement and singing.

Natanjali is a new project created by Blume and Kenny Dread. Blume is a kirtan singer and DanceKinetics instructor at Kripalu Center in western Massachusetts. Kenny Dread has performed with kirtan artists Dave Stringer, Bhagavan Das, and Devi 2000, and DJs trance dance and world music events in Chicago.

Natanjali's revolving crew of response singers includes Maya Solovey, Tatiana Sanchez, Aurora Danai, Andrea Bunch, Aerin Tedesco, Jodie DiMinno, Sitara Sylvia Maldonado, Simmy B, Matt La Salle, and Niema Wilson.

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